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Low Poly Bison

The idea for the "Little Big Buffalo Hunt" stemmed from a desire to offer a children's connection to the CAMP1872 Xperience, which would by its very nature be more adult-oriented. Given the success of the Pokemon phenomenon, especially getting "kids" of all ages, including my own grown up daughter, hunting and collecting cute cartoonish creatures out-of-doors, it seemed right to apply the same concept to digital counterparts of the millions of bison that once roamed from the Appalachians to the Rocky Mountains. Millions took part: more than 63 million in the last 30 days alone (as of 29 March 2021 according to ActivePlayer.io).

Instead of funny little battling toy-like creatures, Little Big Buffalo Hunt challenges you to find, follow, capture and raise wild bison -- digital ones, of course -- and once you've captured one you'll want to raise it because each one of those bison - calves, yearlings, cows and bulls - has cryptocurrency value potential, which is explained in the PDF white paper linked below.

NFT-powered mobile gaming App whitepaper
Low-poly bison illustration by Manuchi