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Dispatches from the Field

Because the American public was intrigued by the activities surrounding the handsome young Russian Grand Duke, the New York Herald hired a unidentified stringer - possibly out of Omaha - to accompany the Royal expedition to send back dispatches from the field, a remarkable feat involving dispatch riders covering more than 60 miles of rugged plains country to reach the telegraph either at Ft. McPherson or in North Platte. Here are those dispatches, courtesy of the U.S. Library of Congress.

Alexis' Grand Hunt (LOC: NY Herald 14 Jan 1872)
The Imperial Buffalo Hunter (LOC: NY Herald 16 Jan 1872)
Bos Americanus (LOC: NY Herald 16 Jan 1872)
Alexis' Grand Hunt (LOC: NY Herald 17 Jan 1872)
The Grand Duke... Among the Bison (LOC: NY Herald 18 Jan 1872)