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    The first-of-its-kind production, CAMP1872 Xperience merges Extended Reality and deep neural networks to transport you 150 years into the past to help build a better future.

  • REWILD! The Bison Game

    Hunt, capture, raise and trade "living" 3D bison, helping repopulate the Great Plains with virtual herds while earning cryptocurrency.


    Built on the Cardano blockchain with minimal 'gas' fees, our anticipated BISONTOKEN™ and tradable NFTs offer ownership to make the fun also potentially rewarding.

Travel Back In Time


  • Augmented Reality

    The remarkable progress being made in augmented reality technology will make it feasible to project increasingly life-like simulations over the real world, enabling viewers to find themselves standing in worlds of our imagination, including a hunting camp on the yet wild grasslands of Nebraska 150 years ago.

  • Interactive Holograms

    What happens when you combine the latest in holographic projection and deep learning neural networks "trained" on the writings and biographies of famous historical characters like Cody and Custer? Conceivably, we'll be able to converse with them. That's the goal of the CAMP 1872 Xperience.

  • LED Projection

    Forget green screens, high density resolution light-emitting diode (LED) panels, driven by sophisticate software and projecting surprising realistic lanscapes, are not only revolutising cinematic and television production, but also can visually transport us to terrains near and far.

For a few days, three cultures enjoyed peace and cooperation

The Great Royal Buffalo Hunt

Red Willow Greek

Some sixty miles south of Ft. McPherson on the Platte River in Nebraska troopers of the U.S. 2nd Cavalry erected a temporary winter hunting camp, freighting thousands of pounds of supplies from wall tents to camp stoves to expensive bottles of champagne, to provide a few days of comfortable encampment for the 21 year old fourth son of Russian Tsar Alexander II. The year is 1872.

A Real Cast of Characters

CAMP 1872 Xperience

  • Immersive technology enables us to explore worlds past, present and future. Camp 1872's mission is to show us how to learn from the past to mentor a better future for all.
    Bill Moore : Organizer

Project Research Notes